Το Πεζούνι λαλεί: Έν είμαι ρομαντικός, ονειροπολος, κοντός. Έν είμαι ευγενικός αλλά ούτε τζε ψέυτης. Εν είμαι σοβαρός (συχνά), ακομπλεξαριστος, δυστιχισμενος. Δαμέ δεν γράφω ότι θέλεις και όπως θέλεις. Σεβάστου τον χώρο μου τζε αν θα διαβάσεις τι γράφω, να θυμάσε ότι διαβάζεις με δική σου ευθύνη



I missed being called nicknames.
Warm nicknames, benevolent, humane.. amorous nicknames.
It's so weird. It's like a drug, you never really have any physical pine for it, until you try it for the first time.. Then you can't live without it.
I've never felt lonely, until I experienced otherwise. And now I can't live without.

Plus I feel so suppressed by time that I'll explode. Three months left until I recruit in the army and it feels like I only got three months to live. I've done stuff with my life in such a short period of time that I haven't ever done in my 18 years of living... And my friends are starting to notice the changes.
Am I being irrational?

P.S. I've been playing outside my project ... again. Just messing around... You know how it goes... experimenting with my camera. Anyway, I wanted to post something so here it goes:

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  1. Μην το σκέφτεσαι πάρα πολύ το θέμα του στρατού, χαλαρά και όλα θα πάνε καλά! Όσο το λιγότερο το σκέφτεσαι τόσο το καλύτερο!
    Ουάο, Ι like the photo!!!