Το Πεζούνι λαλεί: Έν είμαι ρομαντικός, ονειροπολος, κοντός. Έν είμαι ευγενικός αλλά ούτε τζε ψέυτης. Εν είμαι σοβαρός (συχνά), ακομπλεξαριστος, δυστιχισμενος. Δαμέ δεν γράφω ότι θέλεις και όπως θέλεις. Σεβάστου τον χώρο μου τζε αν θα διαβάσεις τι γράφω, να θυμάσε ότι διαβάζεις με δική σου ευθύνη


I forgive the postmen

YOU, mister.. Just made my day!

And tell you the truth this has been a pretty awesome week.
Some stunningly cool stuff happened .. (lol @ stunningly cool!)
I felt a few steps closed to independence with my newly received driving license.
Had a breathtakingly fun weekend catching up with old relationships.
Cleared up some frustratingly obscure events of which I will post later.
Accidentally came out to my art tutor... fun fun fun!
AND I came closer than ever, to an already good friend of mine.

Though by far I may say this has been the climax.
I may never read the words that were intended for me, never appreciate the work done or never feel the piece of paper you felt, but trust me when I tell you that my heart grew an inch further out of the excitement...

So, Thank You!

P.S. I got a feeling I'm being all cheesy... But again that's just me!.. "Ξεπέρασέ το!"

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