Το Πεζούνι λαλεί: Έν είμαι ρομαντικός, ονειροπολος, κοντός. Έν είμαι ευγενικός αλλά ούτε τζε ψέυτης. Εν είμαι σοβαρός (συχνά), ακομπλεξαριστος, δυστιχισμενος. Δαμέ δεν γράφω ότι θέλεις και όπως θέλεις. Σεβάστου τον χώρο μου τζε αν θα διαβάσεις τι γράφω, να θυμάσε ότι διαβάζεις με δική σου ευθύνη



I've got this urge lately to kick σκατοstraight by the balls. Make him groan and squeeckle from pain. It's this emotion of frustration that comes by itself. I can't really control it. It's not realy my fault anyway. I'm sitting here watching that fucker laugh while he shows off his knowladge on massaging. He constantly has to show off something. Seriously, I want to kick his ass! But I can't ... Cause he's a friend, and a good one.


  1. I've just started following your blog and I'm not sure if I'm getting it straight(:p), but if you're describing what I think you're describing, well.... Things don't always happen like in "Eternal Summer" ( - nice movie from Taiwan btw... Reality is you hang on there for some time and if you're lucky you learn to forget it.

    Of course I may be completely off. Nevertheless, *hugs* :D

  2. i can always do that for u :P